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Get Found By Clients Unparalleled Promotion 

Discover our unique platform and services, where smart marketing meets the 'Rule of 7,' ensuring your services as a sex and relationships expert/therapist/coach, dating expert, or matchmaker are prominently showcased.

We're here to take the burden of promotion off your shoulders, at an affordable cost, allowing you to focus on what you love – helping clients live their dream lives.

No More Rain On Your Professional Parade

We invite experts specialising in the realms of relationships and sex(uality) to apply & get listed on our platform and get multi-channel promotion and advertising with us.

Whatever your chosen and preferred title - if you specialise in sex and relationships, we want to hear from you.

Sexologists. Sex Therapists. Sex & Intimacy Coaches. Sexperts. Sex Educators. Sexological Bodyworkers.

Family Therapists. Couples Counsellors. Relationship Therapists & Coaches.

Tantra Experts. Sacred Sexuality Guides. Sexual Healers. BDSM Educators. BDSM Coaches.

Dating coaches & Matchmakers

and more...

Leave the complexities of social media, newsletters, blogging, SEO, event promotion and advertising behind – we handle it all, ensuring your professional profile shines across every channel.

When you use our platform to promote yourself, every minute and effort you invest in improving your presence is quadrupled in ROI.

No other directory or platform gives you so much exposure and control. With us you get more than a Profile Listing. Your Articles, Products and Events will always be automatically promoted on social media, and will also reach our Newsletter Subscribers & Telegram Channel followers. You choose when to get Featured on Home Page and we'll even run tailored Google Advertising for you - when you need a boost of your case load.

We will help and empower you to earn more through our smart marketing and of course save more through the partnerships we're building for your benefit.

Time is money, time is Life too. With us you will free more of your time - without sacrificing your business and work.

 Advancing Smart 

Marketing Superiority

Marketing touchpoints, as articulated by marketing guru Seth Godin, are the various opportunities a brand has to connect with a customer on their seeking and purchasing journey. 

The "Rule of 7" in marketing suggests that a client typically needs to encounter a professional's marketing at least 7 times before deciding to engage their services.

Our platform harnesses this concept to outshine competitors in connecting sex and relationships experts, dating coaches and matchmakers with their ideal clients.

Unlike others, we don't leave it up to the alghorithms to promote professionals in a random fashion. Rarther, we grant professionals control over their visibility, ensuring their profiles, articles, events, products and offers are seen at crucial moments.

We extend their reach by automatically sharing everything they publish on our platform on social media, our Telegram Channel, and even more importantly with our mailing list - amplifying their promotion and reach and connecting them with the right audience.

Additionally, our bespoke Google Adverts service precisely targets professionals' ideal clients in their specific localities - ensuring precise promotion and reach.

This holistic approach to maximizing marketing touchpoints distinctly positions our platform as a superior choice for professionals seeking impactful client engagement.

Get in Charge -  Unique Promotion

Our Offers include a Business Consultation and an On-Demand Workshop on creating a great profile for your listing that will get your ideal clients' attention.

Low on clients? You're in charge and we are here to help. There's a ton you can do to increase your visibility and get more clients - from getting Featured on the Home Page, through writing more Articles that will reach our Subscribers to getting our help as we will run targeted Google Ads to your ideal client, in your own locality.

Whatever you publish on our platform - be it an Article, a new Product, an Offer or an Event they'll show up on the Home Page - increasing your visibility and will also be boosted and promoted automatically across all of our other platforms and sent to our Newsletter Subscribers - promoting you further.

We will support your business growth via various promotion strategies as well as helping you achieve more in your work through our partnerships with other organisations and companies.

Blogging? Let us help out!

Promoting With Us Saves You Thousands of $$$$ and Dozens of Hours Every Month On Content Creation!

No More Staring At a Blank Word File!

No More Trying To Crack The Questions & Topics People Want to Read About!
And No Expenses & Time For The Hire and Managegement of a Freelance Writer!

We offer you fully written articles for you to choose from! Next - improve them by adding your own insights and wisdom. Once you've made the edits you can publish the articles on our platform as yours!

Once published, the article will be automatically promoted across Social Media and included in our next Newsletter email.

Additionally, all our published content will be monitored and continously Search Engine Optimised (SEO) - bringing more traffic to your wisdom and Comprehensive Listing on the platform! 

According to in 2024 the rates per 1500 word article start at $250 USD ≈ £198 GBP / €231 EURO

Social Media Marketing & Management?
Relax, We'll Do It For You!

Promoting With Us, Saves You Hundreds of $$$ Dollars & Dozens of Hours of Work on Social Media Promotion

Forget the DIY struggle of Social Media and Don't Pay Hundreds Per Month for a Social Media Manager!

Sick of posting on Social Media?

Yeah, most professionals find themselves sinking dozens of hours every week in managing their social media presence, others opt to spend hundreds of $$$ every month, to have a company post for them. 

Guess what - we will publish about you, your services and work, your content, your courses, events, etc. on Social Media regularly and improve your visibility online - giving you consistent promotional boosts!

According to Expert Market, a standard social media management package will cost $750 USD ≈ £593 GBP / €695 EURO per month, in 2024!

Steep SEO Expenses?
You Don't Have To Worry About This - At All!

Promoting With Us, Saves You Thousands of Dollars Monthly on SEO!

Doing your own SEO is hard! It's a whole other science! You're qualified in exactly what you want and love - sex and relationships! 

But paying $1500 USD per month for an SEO package feels steep when you calculate how many hours in sessions you need to clock to pay for for this service every month!

The whole point of paying for SEO is that people get to find you and your wise words, so they can begin to build trust with you and hire you to help them with their issues. 

Our platform enables you to relax and focus on the wordsmithing of your wisdom, knowing and trusting your words will reach the right folks, because we're doing the SEO of your content and offers all the time. 

According to Foxxr even a small-scale SEO pricing packages, in 2024, range between $1,500-$2,500 USD ≈ £1,187-£1,978 GBP / €1,389-€2,316 EURO per month 

Managing a Newsletter or Paying For Email Marketing? 
So Much Work & So Expensive!

Promoting With Us, Saves You Countless Hours & Thousands of Dollars on Newsletter & Email Marketing!

We encourage professionals to build their email lists, but let's face it - it's a lot of work and managing a mailing list can run expensive. First you need to put the time and effort in promoting your mailing list, then in creating the content for it and finally for managing the list itself, while spending anywhere from $20 USD ≈ £16 GBP / €18 EURO per month to over $1000  ≈ £792 GBP / €926 EURO in expenses for the Nesletter platform you use. 

Paying to be featured in Newsletters - you can invest a few hundred dollars here and there or a few thousand to an unknown mailing list that doesn't necessarily have a reason to even know about you! 

Our Newsletter Marketing will feature your expertise every time you publish on our platform, be it an article, event or even product. These folks are on the mailing list because they really want to receive the sex-positive content, services, offers and products of our members! Our segmentation ensures that subscribers only receive exactly what they're interested in - improving your visibility and reach to your ideal client - ensuring higher conversion rates for you!

According to WebFX Email Marketing costs vary widely, but mid-sized businesses typically spend up to $1000 USD  per month for self-managed email marketing and $300-$1500 USD  
≈ £237-£1,187 GBP / €278-€1,389 EURO if working with an agency.

Unparalleled Promotion: Comprehensive Directory Listing + Event, Product & Services

Whichever Directory you're to list yourself on - the expected average expense you'd have per platform would be between $200 and $450pa ≈ £150-£356 / €185-€416

Our Packages offer you a comprehensive listing promoting your private practice!

Most Directories don't offer you Blogging, and very few offer you Event promotion, none offer you Product promotion, Newsletter promotion, Social Media promotion, the ability to choose when you get Featured on Home Page or to Run Advertising for your Profile or Special Offers - but we do!

Running a Business Gets Expensive!

NOT with Our Packages, Though!

Content Creation - especially Articles, Social Media Management, SEO, Email Marketing, Directory Listings... The list goes on and on...

If we are to calculate your monthly investment in your business, not including any paid advertising, the costs can run high. Taking the basics and assuming you want to do it all - you'd easily be spending over $5k  USD ≈ £3,957 GBP / €4,631 EURO per month!

The management of all of these activities, expenses, and teams is also costly for one's time and energy.

Our Packages offer all of this for the fraction of the price you'd pay if you were to outsource each of these separately. 

What You Get With Our Plans

Professional Listing

Create a robust online presence with a customizable profile in our directory, tailored to highlight your unique Services, Events, and Products. This targeted visibility connects you directly with those seeking expert guidance in sex and relationships, enhancing your reach and impact. Utilize this platform to streamline your marketing efforts and attract your ideal clients effortlessly.

Promotional Package

Increase your exposure with our comprehensive promotional package, where our team handles all your marketing needs. From strategic social media campaigns to engaging newsletters and dedicated Telegram channel promotions, we ensure your content reaches a broad and relevant audience. Let us amplify your voice, so you can focus on what you do best—helping and healing.

SBC Advancing+ Membership 

Connect with a dynamic network of professionals and access a wealth of resources designed to scale your business through the Sexperts Business Community. This membership not only supports your growth through valuable learning tools but also offers significant networking opportunities that can lead to lasting professional relationships and business advancement.

Our Unique Plans 

We're here to take the burden of promotion off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on what you love doing
– helping your clients live their dream lives. 

👇 Apply Now & Get the Pre-Launch Offer - Saving 40%! 👇 

🎉 Pre-Launch Offer (Save 40%)
Prices After Launch

Basic - Start

£1,328 GBP

≈ $1,677 USD €1,554 Euro

Sexperts Business Community Advancing+ Membership
Comprehensive Directory Listing
Basic lifesexplicit Promotion Package
£300  ≈  $379 / €351  in Credits
Direct Client Referrals
Earn Through Affiliates
Social Media Promotion
Newsletter Promotion
Opportunities to Earn Cash & Credits
Speaker/Presenter Opportunities
Expert Round-up Invites
Google & Facebook Advertising For Extra Reach* (at extra cost)


Onboarding Business Consultation
Platform Orientation Webinar

Growth - Go Pro

£6,379 GBP

≈ $8,059 USD €7,468 Euro

Sexperts Business Community Advancing+ Membership
Comprehensive Directory Listing
Comprehensive lifesexplicit Promotion Package
£1,500 ≈  $1,894 / €1755 in Credits
Direct Client Referrals
Earn Through Affiliates
Social Media Promotion
Newsletter Promotion
Opportunities to Earn Cash & Credits
Priority Speaker/Presenter Opportunities
Priority Expert Roundup Invites
Google & Facebook Advertising For Extra Reach - Included


Onboarding Business Consultation
Platform Orientation Webinar

Basic - Start

£949pa GBP

≈ $1,199 USD €1,111 Euro

Sexperts Business Community Advancing+ Membership 
Comprehensive Directory Listing
Basic Promotion Package
£300  ≈  $379 / €351  in Credits
Direct Client Referrals
Earn Through Affiliates
Social Media Promotion
Newsletter Promotion
Opportunities to Earn Cash & Credits
Speaker/Presenter Opportunities
Expert Roundup Invites
Google & Facebook Advertising For Extra Reach* (at extra cost)


Onboarding Business Consultation
Platform Orientation Webinar

Growth - Go Pro

£4,549pa GBP

≈ $5,747 USD €5,326 Euro

Sexperts Business Community Advancing+ Membership
Comprehensive Directory Listing
Growth Promotion Package
£1,500 ≈  $1,894 / €1755 in Credits
Direct Client Referrals
Earn Through Affiliates
Social Media Promotion
Newsletter Promotion
Opportunities to Earn Cash & Credits
Priority Speaker/Presenter Opportunities
Priority Expert Roundup Invites
Google & Facebook Advertising For Extra Reach - Included


Onboarding Business Consultation
Platform Orientation Webinar

Promote Your Work.
Reach Your Target Audience.
Positively Impact More Lives With Ease!

We will help you with the marketing, promotion and more, so you can focus on helping people and changing the world for the better!

Multi-Platform Promotion & Marketing

No Censorship

Effortless Platform & Business Support

The Process...

We have an easy, but vital process to ensure the right professionals are to be onboarded to our platform.

You Register

Fill out our brief registration form, sharing basic information about yourself and your business. 


Puchase Your Chosen Plan

Once you have submitted your Registration you'll be redirected to purchase your chosen Plan. After purchase you'd be able to create your profile on our platform.

Create Your Profile

Once you've Created your profile we will invite you for a Business Consultation. This consultation will help establish your business needs and provide guidance and introduction to maximising the benefits of being a member.

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Who's behind this?

We understand the specific struggles and challenges sexperts face daily in their work. We are committed to and help professionals working in the sexuality and relationships field to build and scale their businesses - thriving and positively impacting more lives! 

Years of Supporting Sexuality & Relationships Experts Thrive in their Businesses


Sexperts in Our Network


Committed to Helping Sexperts Positively Impact More Lives!


Hours of Supporting Sexperts Overcome Challenges in Their Businesses and Daily Work 

Frequently Asked

Have more questions? Email us at:

What areas of expertise in sex and relationships are you looking for?

Briefly put - ALL.

A few examples: You may be a dating expert - helping people build confidence and skills to date. You may be a professional matchmaker - helping people get their heads around the vast sea of choice and pick a good partner. You may be a therapist helping individuals overcome sexual trauma. You may be a coach helping couples reignite the passion. You may be a BDSM expert - teaching people how to practice shibari safely. You may be a Tantra expert - helping people connect with their sacred sexuality. 

You may even specialise in sexual orientation, gender identity,  polyamory, kink or else.

As long as your expertise is in the field of relationships and sex(uality) we want to have your application in our inbox.

I don't specialise in sex or relationships, can I still apply?

No. While your expertise is no less valuable in the world, our platform is exclusively for those professionals whose expertise is in those two aspects of the human life and experience.

What is different about this directory and offer?

We are quite different from all other platforms and directories.

  • While your profile is at ther mercy of alghorithms on other platforms, we empower you to choose when you get more exposure to clients.
  • No other platform emails your articles to their mailing list - we do.
  • No other platform turns your articles into podcasts - we will.
  • No other platform invests in your success by helping you to build the best profile ever in a dedicated workshop with a professional copy-writer.
  • And not even last, nor least - no other platform offers a tailored service to run Google Adverts promoting your profile to your ideal client in your locality - when you need a bigger boost.
What are the Basic vs Growth Promotion Packages?

The BasicPromotional Plan offers you:

  • Low Priority Search
  • One Location Listing
  • £300 Credits
  • Google & Facebook Advertising* (optional at additional cost)

The Growth Promotional Plan offers you:

  • Priority Search
  • Multi-Location Listing
  • £1500 Credits
  • Google & Facebook Advertising of your profile Included
What are Credits?

Credits allow you to interact and be active on the platform. 

  1. You'll be using Credits to buy Leads, publish Articles, Events, and Products
  2. You can use your credits to get Featured on Home Page
  3. You can purchase products and extra support from lifesexplicit - such as extra SEO optimisation of your listing.
How do I get more Credits?

You can Earn Credits by inviting other professionals to the platform.

You can also purchase Credits when you have run out, but want to boost your promotional efforts.

Explain the Fully Managed ''Google Advertising to Your Target Audience''

When you need a boost in getting new clients or promoting your new product, event or program, you can send a request to us that we run a special advertisement on your account.

Our Google Adverts experts will create the ad and spend on targeted advertising to your ideal client. 

What is ''Search Priority''? 

Search Priority determines how you get prioritised to be shown in Search in relation to other professionals.

If your expertise matches in a potential client's search, members who have higher Search Priority will be displayed first.

Search Priority helps with sorting of members in search and allows those in Higher-Impact Plans - to benefit from better advertising and promotion.

Do I have to write articles?

No. You don't have to do anything you don't want to. 

We encourage and support professionals to write articles, because this will massively improve your online presence as a whole - as we will promote your work in more ways and accross more platforms.

We recommend that you check out if the Sexperts Business Community is running a Writing Group or Event soon, as we will help you pick the topics and also, if you wish, we'll coach you how to use AI to help you formulate your ideas and write much faster. 

What does ''Earn Through Affiliates'' mean?

If you wish to write about products and use Affiliate Links that will earn you comission - you are free to do this. 

We want your business to thrive and we are happy to help you make a buck at every (ethical) opportunity.

All we ask for is that you add * to these links and highlight at the bottom of the article that the links listed lead to sponsored/affiliate content/products.

What is the ''Platform Orientation Webinar''?

The Platform Orientation Webinar will help you onboard onto our platform and show you how to make the most out of your listing and plan.

The Platform Orientation Webinar will be made available dor you to watch on demand.

Have Questions?

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at:

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